Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rhaps365 Day 16: Those Infernal Bars

Road to Slocum, Part 3
those infernal bars.

‪#‎Rhapsody365‬ Day 16

I am not much a fan of the stars and bars... but if there ever was a place for them, it would be on the grave of a man who watched his older siblings fight that war on southern soil. (that is a guess, based on his birth year.)

What most engaged me about this place was its hiddenness. The road to the Slocum Cemetery is a two rut gravel path, perhaps a half mile off the major highway, which itself is pretty much a road for combines and pickups. The Slocum Cemetery flanked what appeared to be a sorghum field. Beyond that, I was taken by the fact that there were so many Slocum's. Makes sense.


I will enjoy God while waiting on the day for wars, right - wrong or some bizarre admixture - are vanquished from the earth.