Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rhap365, Day 17: Creepers

#Rhapsody365 Day 17, Creepers

Okay, so this image is not very Rhapsidorious. But it is kind of cool, and dark and creepy, and filled with a homage to miracle. Anyone else out there blown away by spiders and their webs?

I found this web outside my house. I could not see the web, but I could see the little ball of spider, just floating in space. I turns out that the spider fastened his (or her) web to a tree above, and the ground below, then build the web in between two vertical strands. It would have been pretty much impossible to anchor the web horizontally.

As for the photo. I have found that I can light a web if I hit is with hard light from the side. It does not work nearly so well direct. I took some pictures without the me, then stood behind the web and gave it a full load of manual flash. I am blown out, but the web is just about right. It takes that much light to make them visible in the dry daylight.

I hope to have more. There is a reason that Holloween features spiders. This is their grand showtime.

Odd other thought. Today I thought about how each little spider is a repository of specific genetic information - little bundle of carefully choreographed parts and DNA, and that little bundle must somehow be kept alive, in some form through winter, through drought, thru rain and flood. Beyond that, I don't think spiders spin webs year around. So this elaborate trap must somehow bring in enough hall to keep that little bundle of DNA, active - till it replicates and spins out new little bundles of spider DNA. Or something like that.