Thursday, February 26, 2009

Odd Fog

A little late in posting, all pics Feb 12th off of Maumelle Blvd, Maumelle, AR.

What made this fog odd, is not so much the wonderful way in smeared the trees, but the fact (beyond easy recording) that it dismantled so fast. Just after taking these the sun broke the top of the tree line and kicked the fog right out of there.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Deconstruction of the Calla Lily

On Valentine's Day I gave a small pot of Calla lilies to my wife. Two days later I started borrowing the blooms for photos! The pictures showcase a variety of approaches (Mirror, flash against light bulb, intentional blurs, etc, all with the goal of uncovering the essential essence.

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The Mighty Works project exists that we might be astonished in God, by the complexity of simplicity. Or something like that.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ice cubed

During the last week of January, a tsunami of freezing rain slammed states stretching from Oklahoma to the Carolinas. Our own North Arkansas took it as bad as we have ever seen, with damage estimates even surpassing the infamous Christmas storm of 2000. Odd thing, we in central Arkansas hardly felt it. With temperatures just above the freezing we knew rain, while our northern neighbors were hit and such a way that every line and limb was lined in lead.
Sometimes my day job allows me special vantage. As is, our tour of storm damaged lands by helicopter (through glass) shows the scope, but not the real ravage of the storm. I hope, in the next days to publish some links of others that show the shock up close. Until then, you can see more storm damage starting here:
More ice:

A Story from Marvin, who weathered it all: