Friday, June 27, 2008

Father's Day Rush

He leads me besides still waters....

I'm running a tad bit behind, not only here, but in life in general.

These are from a Father's day hike, that my bride and I took to Petit Jean State Park (AR) --all along Cedar Creek. (We try to hit Cedar Creek at least once a season.) This time we were surprised. Summer usually means low flow, but after strong rains, Cedar Falls and Creek were gushing.


As is, I'm due to take a break in July. Expect no posts for a couple of weeks. After that, look for some desert fare.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Coming Storm

Sunday Night Storm, 6/15/08

From the parking lot field of New Life Christian Church, Conway, AR

and yes, it was scary-fun.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quiz (Arkansas Flora)








Know your Arkansas Flora

The pictures above are a quiz to determine if you know your plants (and if you have followed the ID Arkansas link provided on this site.)

There are seven "Questions" each with several sub-questions.
Without going to any other source, can you provide:

Common Name
Scientific or Latin Name
Family Name (Doesn't have to be scientific)
Your own made up name

For each plant you get the common name correct, give yourself a point.

For each plant you name the Scientific Name, give yourself three points.

For each plant you identify with a family of similar plants, give yourself two points.

And for each plant you correctly give a made up name, give yourself ten points.
(I value originality.)

Then go to ID Arkansas, and check your answers.

You may want to post your original answers or score in the comments section (and get 25 points in the process.) Folks who pass this quiz on get an additional 25 points, and folks who provide a link to ID Arkansas on their blog or in an e-mail, get a whalluping (sp?) 53 additional points.

The Mighty Works Project exists to give adults much needed points. Do whatever you want with them.