Thursday, February 8, 2007

Primary Color Therapy 2/8/07 reissue from 6/03

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All pics (c) Kirk Jordan Summer, 2003 - Conway AR


After looking out into your cold, grey-winter world, Try staring at these for a few seconds and then saying: "I feel sad, I feel sad." Hard to do, isn't it.
Okay, I'll admit, the color is enhanced with a little Photoshop contrast manipulation - but this is art. Somewhere down the road, I hope to post the "Jordan theory of negative-art" , but until then, consider that most art is a subtract-and-twist process. You take away everything that doesn't highlight your theme, and then having taken a way a much as you can, you tune up the remnant.
Techno Info All three taken in the Hendrix College wild flower garden, Conway AR. 06/11/03. Late day sun supplemented with flash and shutter drag f22 at 1/15 second. Additional contrast manipulation through Photoshop.
The Mighty Works Project exists to celebrate the many works of God, which includes among other things, the color yellow.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Candy Cane Morp: 020207 (rerun) 120803 original

Patriotic Wind (c) by Kirk Jordan

(another from the ARKives)

Candy cane - office decoration on blue background. All flag pictures taken 120603 AR, in Motichello, AR. Flag is one of those Auto dealership varieties of huge proportion.

This departure from standard Mighty Works fare comes on the heels of listening to some three hours straight of country music while traveling to southern Arkansas for a photo gig.. (Those who know me, know, that unless it's old country of the Earl Scruggs or Johnny Cash variety, I just don't do country. So... now I have this pretty intense modern country song going through my head ... something about "He's an American Child" or something like that.


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