Thursday, April 19, 2007

Salad Plate 04/20/07

Mixed Greens (c) by Kirk Jordan

Today's Mighty Work features the dominate theme of the month. GREEN. Everywhere and in many flavors.

Pics one, two, and three -- all about March 27th. Mountain View, AR

Pic Four: White Clover close-up, Capitol grounds.

Pic Five: Mountain Maple (Conway, AR) Early April.



I mentioned in the last send that some of my photos would be on display at the Heritage Museum in Little Rock. The exhibit does start May 10, However, the night to come see me ---and eat fine cheese, is FRIDAY, MAY 11, 5-8PM.


The Mighty Works Project exists in anticipation of seeing you while eating fine cheese.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

House of Oak 4/5/07

On the Making of Oak trees (c) by Kirk Jordan

Today's send features three different species of Oak, which - on quick inspection, appear to be so very different from one another as to belong to very different tree families.

Trees in the Oak family tend to have certain shared qualities: floral Catkins (the wormy flower things), hard yellow-tan wood, dense bulky form (with notable exceptions), acorns, tough grey-brown bark etc. -- but they manifest an extremely wide variation in leaf shapes.

Pic one is of a willow oak, with thin willowy leaves.

Pics two and tree showcase emerging Scarlet-Oak, or possibly Pin-Oak leaves,


Pics four and five feature the still tender leaves of a scrubby Post Oak (or Possibly a Bur Oak)


For More on Oak IDs see:

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