Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Water World Sundries: 05/30/07

Mighty Wet Mix (c) by Kirk Jordan

All pics end of May, Central AR.


It is hard to believe that a single Spring freeze (Easter Weekend) could knock out as much flora as it would appear, but it seems like our wild-flower count is still way below the norm... or I am simply failing to see what I have already seen!


New Project:

I know that I am always announcing new intents, and don't always follow through with those, however I have just started a new "project" that I will give myself a few years to complete. It is my goal to create a synopsis/outline called a Cursory Guide to the Kingdom Arts. The list would provide a brief introduction and related web-links to hundreds of artisans, writers. poets, painters etc, who loved God (or wrestled with Him) even as they created.

This last week I have spent reading poems by George Herbert (1593-1633).

For remainder see:

Friday, May 18, 2007

ODD Dogs, Old Dogs 5/18/07

A BIG HEARTY THANKS to all those who made my showing at the Historic Arkansas Museum last Friday night. (And a real apology to the Mayor of Morrilton who did not catch the date-correction and showed up the night before!) To be honest, I felt loved, and was filled with joy. It meant a lot to me that neighbors, co-workers, former co-workers, Mom, wife, kids, family-in-law, lobbyists, fellow photo-buds, church family, new acquaintances and distant friends would make the trip. The work was skillfully presented by the museum curator, and along with the works of the other two artists - sang.

Thank you for making it such a special night for us.

For those who missed, you can still drop by the Historic Arkansas Museum (Trinity Gallery) for the next several months and view the photos, minus the cheese and odd music.


Thanks too, for those who supplied the name of "Flowering Almond" for the pink carnation looking things on a stick. I still haven't come to a conclusion on name of the white carnation looking assemblage, but it looks like both it and the Flowering Almond are part of the same grouping that includes roses.


The Mighty Works Project exists to share in the oddness of it all - with you, my fellow oddities.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mother's Day Bouquette (sp?) 5/10/07

Wagon Wheels, "Mini-Praise", and lots-a'-dogs (c) by Kirk Jordan

I'm a little off on the freshness factor -- these all belong to the end of March

Pic One - I call them Wagon Wheels, though I think they are a type of फ्लोक्स
Pics Two and three- I call them Mini-praises, though I don't have any idea what they really are.
Pic Four: Standard-wonderful dogwood, outside of the entry to the Blanchard Springs Cave.


One more notice:


Wanted to remind you all that there will be a showing of my photo works at the Heritage Museum/Trinity Gallery with a reception this Friday Night, May 11th। Come and enjoy the band, fine cheese, and color.


Last issue I was half asleep and forgot to tell you "Why the Mighty Works Project exists" - which in turn leaves Hogan G. wondering after these many years - Why does the Mighty Works Project exist?

A: To enjoy God - silly boy.

Bonus Mother's day offering। This is a annual repost and bit long, but worth the read as I celebrate just a few of the Mighty Women in my life.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A certain unknown something 05/08/07

a mini rose-carnation looking thing (c) by Kirk Jordan

All pics, the end of March, central Arkansas.

Anyone who knows what this thing is, feel free to help. The white and pink variations belong to two different plants in different locations but they appear to be of the same general thing. The white blooms were just a tad tighter, each flower smaller than a pea, and posted on a stiff woody stem.


Sorry to be off in my regular postings. The work schedule had been extra hectic and is slowing down, but I'm still in the catch up mode. Beyond that, I've noticed that we have been way off in local flower display following the Easter freeze. ((We can readily see the damage of something like a tornado, but our Easter freeze did as much or more damage to Arkansas agriculture.)) Many of our April flowers (as well as peaches, strawberries, blueberries, etc) just didn't make it, or on timer delay. Looks like the May blooms may start making a showing.


Wanted to remind you all that there will be a showing of my photo works at the Heritage Museum/Trinity Gallery with a reception this Friday Night, May 11th. Come and enjoy the band fine cheese and color.
2nd Friday Art Night
May 11, 20075 - 8 pm-->

Enjoy a great night of art and history on the second Friday of each month. May Art Night serves as the opening reception for Lauren Wilcox, Kirk Jordan and Alison Parsons. Historic Arkansas Museum is one of several downtown locations that will keep its doors open to the public until 8 p.m. for an evening of culture, entertainment and shopping. Visitors can start at Historic Arkansas where there is plenty of free parking, and later catch the trolley to visit other participating venues. The Museum Store, featuring the best of Arkansas-made arts and crafts, will be
for location and such