Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mother's Day Bouquette (sp?) 5/10/07

Wagon Wheels, "Mini-Praise", and lots-a'-dogs (c) by Kirk Jordan

I'm a little off on the freshness factor -- these all belong to the end of March

Pic One - I call them Wagon Wheels, though I think they are a type of फ्लोक्स
Pics Two and three- I call them Mini-praises, though I don't have any idea what they really are.
Pic Four: Standard-wonderful dogwood, outside of the entry to the Blanchard Springs Cave.


One more notice:


Wanted to remind you all that there will be a showing of my photo works at the Heritage Museum/Trinity Gallery with a reception this Friday Night, May 11th। Come and enjoy the band, fine cheese, and color.


Last issue I was half asleep and forgot to tell you "Why the Mighty Works Project exists" - which in turn leaves Hogan G. wondering after these many years - Why does the Mighty Works Project exist?

A: To enjoy God - silly boy.

Bonus Mother's day offering। This is a annual repost and bit long, but worth the read as I celebrate just a few of the Mighty Women in my life.