Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Water World Sundries: 05/30/07

Mighty Wet Mix (c) by Kirk Jordan

All pics end of May, Central AR.


It is hard to believe that a single Spring freeze (Easter Weekend) could knock out as much flora as it would appear, but it seems like our wild-flower count is still way below the norm... or I am simply failing to see what I have already seen!


New Project:

I know that I am always announcing new intents, and don't always follow through with those, however I have just started a new "project" that I will give myself a few years to complete. It is my goal to create a synopsis/outline called a Cursory Guide to the Kingdom Arts. The list would provide a brief introduction and related web-links to hundreds of artisans, writers. poets, painters etc, who loved God (or wrestled with Him) even as they created.

This last week I have spent reading poems by George Herbert (1593-1633).

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