Friday, February 15, 2008

Courtley Love: 021408 (reissue 042506)

In honor of Valentines day, a post from the past.

All illustrations (c) by Kayla J.
Today's Mighty Work showcases the artistry of our first born - Kayla J., now 17 (most of these were created by her in 2004 or 2005)
And while we like to think that we establish a climate for artistic development... Kids seem to come "downloaded" from above. These works range in size from a few inches high -(number 2) to the larger illustration at the bottom, about 24 inches high. Kayla starts with pencil, then adds pen as she goes. The final work employs graphite powder which she rubbed into the mix.
In keeping with today's theme, I am posting some of my favorite verse celebrating romantic love. (see my "poetry site" for appropriate verse:)

The Mighty Works Project exists to celebrate the startling act of seeing your children apprehend, master, or acquire what you haven't taught them.