Monday, July 16, 2007

Water World 7/16/07

Palace of Pour (c) by Kirk Jordan

Pic 1: June 2006
Pics 2-5: July 2007

All Pics, central Arkansas.

While by no means at the same levels that have saturated parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, we have seen our share of shake and bluster in the last weeks.

As is, my job often takes me to the air, and until last week, we could see a clear line of demarcation as the western- most part of Arkansas (Rogers, Springdale, Fort Smith ) was awash in wide rivers and Kelly green, even as our eastern Mississippi River side went tawny. Turns out our neighbors to the west were getting hammered by a North-bound gully wash straight out of the Gulf, even as our neighbors to the east (Tennessee and Alabama) knew drought. But now it seems that the old wind patterns are picking up, which should mean wetter winds headed east and south.

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From the original e-mail

A Cursory Guide to the Kingdom Arts, #4 - Saint Patrick

“Thank you” to the many who responded favorably to the last edition, as we looked at the poetry of Ruth Bell-Graham (1920-2007). This week we jump back roughly 1600 years to a prayerful poem attributed to the missionary “Saint” Patrick, a firebrand in the quiver of God.