Thursday, February 8, 2007

Primary Color Therapy 2/8/07 reissue from 6/03

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All pics (c) Kirk Jordan Summer, 2003 - Conway AR


After looking out into your cold, grey-winter world, Try staring at these for a few seconds and then saying: "I feel sad, I feel sad." Hard to do, isn't it.
Okay, I'll admit, the color is enhanced with a little Photoshop contrast manipulation - but this is art. Somewhere down the road, I hope to post the "Jordan theory of negative-art" , but until then, consider that most art is a subtract-and-twist process. You take away everything that doesn't highlight your theme, and then having taken a way a much as you can, you tune up the remnant.
Techno Info All three taken in the Hendrix College wild flower garden, Conway AR. 06/11/03. Late day sun supplemented with flash and shutter drag f22 at 1/15 second. Additional contrast manipulation through Photoshop.
The Mighty Works Project exists to celebrate the many works of God, which includes among other things, the color yellow.