Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Rhap365 Day 2: Beheld

Back Bend


#Rhapsody365 Day2  "Beheld"

Today I will enjoy God, by standing in the middle of the former air, taking in seldom seen details.

Folks who know me, know that I spend my days at the Arkansas State Capitol.

Over the last several years I've observed at least half a dozen major renovation projects - This one given to replacing old, smoky and broken glass that arches over the Legislative-stair wing.

As is, I am standing on what would be open air,  but is for now,  an extension of the fourth floor spanning cavernous space.   Which brings me to today's meditation.

I find it odd, when looking around our grand building, how much attention is given to the detailing of spaces that few people see.  It  is possible to look up and see this particular molding from the ground, but when you get right down to it, much of our building's glory is hidden from the casual eye.

Who knows --  there are probably some places in our capitol, that if you consider the cost behind the craftsmanship and divided it against the number of people who have actually seen those spaces, you might find each second of sensation cost a hundred dollars.  Or something like that.

In fact, I once heard a story of a workmen given the task of repairing broken roof tiles... on the back side of a turret, that only those who climbed on the roof the building would ever see.  And yet he did meticulous work, carefully matching his replacement tiles with the tiles on the visible side.

Someone asked him why he worked so hard to created quality in a hidden space.

His answer:

God sees.