Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rhap365 Day 10: Vincent's Golden Dream

Some years ago I read that gold for Van Gogh, represented the life and presence of God.

I cannot now find anything that verifies this idea, but I did find this:

‘Van Gogh’s use of yellow is considered to derive from the sun, and appears to be related to an ambivalence to his father, as expressed in sun worship, while the complementary colours red and green were correlated with his bisexuality and castration anxiety.’

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To be honest, I doubt we could ever know WHY Vincent used yellow (unless he said so specifically)... but for years now I have made yellow my color of presence.

I see yellow, and I see the pleasure and presence of God in the world, much like a weak spot in the skin of heaven.

So what do you see when you see Yellow?

Rhapsody365 Day 10.  Wild Sunflowers of an unknown variety.  All images 9/6/15  Stillwater, OK