Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rhap365 Day 9: Descent of the Giant Pizza Box

Today I will enjoy God, as I watch the world disintegrate, and praise Him for the immutability of his being.


These are not the kind of images that generally grace "Verse Posters" - but then, verse posters don't generally reference those things which engender deeper praise.

As this project unfolds, I hope to pay attention to a lesson, and an acrostic I learned in Junior High at the hands of Pastor Bob Kelter.

Dr. Kelter sought to teach us the attributes of God, and used the following letters, all placed in a pyramid, to help us remember specific qualities of God.

The letters were:

(Which I pronounce as ShaLeeOOOOit)

The "I" stood for "Immutable.

Do any of my five followers wish to guess the meaning of the other letters?

Does anyone care to hazard what immutable means?

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