Saturday, January 4, 2014

In the Bleak Midwinter

I have since learned that these are Banana Leaves, and that they are left in this dried-out form to protect the tender tree parts underneath.  All I know, is that I want to cut the leaves, pin them up, then spray paint them like some great pouring tapestry.  Time I get to know my neighbors on the back fence.


Not sure why, when I look at these cardboard colored ribbons and curl, this song comes to mind.  But it does.

In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan, earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone; snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow, in the bleak midwinter, long ago.

Our God, heaven cannot hold him, nor earth sustain; heaven and earth shall flee away when he comes to reign. In the bleak midwinter a stable place sufficed the Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ.