Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Funky Firefighters

FireFighter Fountain "Memorial" at the back of the Arkansas State Capitol.

The real event was not this colorful.  The cast bronze figures (about 9 feet tall) were in late day shadow, and rather blue, with possible sunset highlights.   I in turn, overexposed the lot, then blew out the saturation in Photoshop.

As it is, I also post the pictures you find here on Facebook, both to my personal page, and to a special page just for the Mighty Works Project.  Turns out this picture stimulated some discussion on gender roles (in part, because I first referenced this group as Funky Fire Men.  Turns out my sister took issue... and we had a friendly but real exchange about sexual stereo-types.  (Why do men always get the power pose, and a woman the nurturing pose... Could, or should this have been reversed.)   I tend to see the sexes in the light of Archetype, so had no problem and even appreciated the nuances.  But I certainly can understand the beef if that is the only way women are portrayed.