Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Oops.  It looks like I have kind of neglected the Mighty Works Project.. As is, I am now active again in a 365 group, and will try to post pictures on a routine basis.   

HERITAGE: This photo depicts a very special Christmas gift, things that came to me by way of way of an Uncle and which belonged to my Grandfather (who died some decades ago).  As is, I love old hymns, and find joy in the idea that my Grandfather, Delbert Knuckey would have sung the same and met God in those pages... and more, in the Word of God. Beyond that, I now wear and collect Bolo ties. I will wear this one with a deep sense of connection.  (Perhaps that is where my love for bolo's started.) I am not sure of the story in the newspaper clip (It appears to be about another Knuckey)  but this suggests a legacy of another kind, that is - our membership in the Fallen family. Oh. and the camera. yes.