Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rhap365 Day 36: Dust and Dying in Palestine

Palestine-Jones and the Big Swirl.

I call this thing ‪#‎Rhapsody365‬ (Day 36) but I really ought to call it DeathandDust365. Seems I am on a theme of all things parched.

Indeed a little poemette came to me this morn.

Weed-seed and wither
Dustbomb and flicker...


I have a new habit. I like to drop in on off road cemeteries when traveling the backroads. This one on the highway north of Sheridan, AR.

The Sky in thees looks kind of fake. I can tell you, no special tricks. It really did look like God dodged and burned. Then just a touch of sunset punched through (the the light on the one monument is from a flash.)

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