Thursday, October 8, 2015

Rhap365 Day 32. Old dog learns new tricks

#Rhapsody365 Day 32.

What had been (some time ago) the Menifee, Arkansas elementary school.

Those of you on my named Facebook page may have already seen these, but yesterday I attempted my very first HDR's ever. I have one photo-buff friend who says I did "okay" for my first try. Indeed, I do see ways to improve all of these, but I am pretty stoked. I think I will be trying a lot more Heightened Dynamic Range photos in the future.


You would think that as a guy who has been taking pictures for this long, I would have tried an HDR image before now. But nope.  Mostly, because I have seen a lot of BAD HDR. But then, I have seen some really superb stuff, that looks full but not fake. Who knows, this one still feels a little overdone.

For the unacquainted, HDR is a photo technique in which the photographer uses his or her computer to blend several images of the same thing, which were taken at different exposures. In this case I took 5 exposures of this setting, and then used Photoshop to blend the images for more detail in the shadows. What do you think?

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