Friday, November 7, 2008

Color Wheel

Fall at the Arkansas State Capitol.

All pics, November 3-6, 2008, Little Rock AR (c) by Kirk Jordan

These last few days have just been off of the charts in terms of radiant color, blister blue skies, and a singing heart. Its a funny thing and all, given that share a political philosophy at variance with our new president-elect. The Bible gives some interesting advice to followers of Christ. It says that we should weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice. But what do you when the weeping or rejoicing among those who call upon God is caused by the same event?


Bonus points.

See if you can spot "another" moon, beyond the obvious one in second-to-last frame. Its a very tiny moon.


Face Book. I have finally done it. I have joined the face-full hordes who communicate in one sentence drivel with an exploding networks of friends. (At least now I can see what my kids are doing -- sorta.) If you should like to be my friend and are on Facebook, just send a message to Kirk Stephen Jordan from Conway. It may take me a bit to add anything of substance.


The Mighty Works project exists to praise God for the draining of the world. (If life and color were not at times drained from verdant things, we should not know of their hidden glories.)

Addendum: The little moon was supposed to be in the picture of the Capitol dome, with Red Maple leaves... just to the right of the dome. (Its hard to see in the blog version) However, the ever clever Steve Johnson spotted this moon in the same frame as the first moon!