Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Passion: 8/08/2007

Passion Flower of the Christ (c) by Kirk Jordan

All pics, July 2007 - Little Rock or Conway AR

Today's Mighty Work features one of Arkansas's odder offerings.... The so-called Passion Flower.

The purple Passion Flowers in this series are still visible (if you get out of your car and cross a street), and are part of an overgrown weed patch that motorists can find on the south-bound entry ramp off of Rodney Parham Drive as it connects to Interstate 430 South bound. The Passion plot is not far from the traffic lights on Rodney Parham Boulevard.

(The white flowers in this series are from a plot that was near one of the Lake Conway overflow ponds. However, the highway mowing crew has since harvested the crop.)


Folks who have been with me a while will know the story behind the name. Early Spanish explorers in the New World encountered this prodigious flowering "vine" throughout the Southern states and saw within the flower, symbols from the crucifixion of Christ. Symbolic parts include: Purple Robe, crown of thorns, three spikes, and "forty lashes."

As for me, I certainly don't want to diminish such a grand vision, but I am more apt to see a dancing dust mop, or a drill-brush made from Ramen noodles.


The Mighty Works Project exists to encourage the citizens of Central Arkansas to be brave. Cross the street for yourself. Embrace the chiggers and behold a Passion Flower - live.


The original post came with this "kingdom arts review" featuring guitarist, Phil Keaggy