Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lace to Bird's Nest 8/02/2007

Transformation, Queen Anne's Lace to Bird-Nest Weed (c) by Kirk Jordan

All pics Central Arkansas, July 04, 06, and 07.

(Pic one is an extended hand-held exposure about an hour after sun-down. The white squiggle in the sky is the moon as recorded by a shaking hand.)

Today's Mighty work reveals how the doily-shaped Queen Anne's Lace (a prevalent weed-flower found across the South in mid summer) takes on its second name-sake - the Bird Nest Weed.

As is, the flower head of the QAL is composed of many smaller flower heads, that in turn look like miniature versions of the larger QAL flower pad. As the flower head matures, it folds back in upon itself, then opens once again to reveal a rich chalice of seed.


The Mighty Works Project exists to celebrate Divine slight of hand.

Note: original e-mail came with this Kindom Arts Profile of Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574)