Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Greener kind of Green (Earth Day!)


Backwards pan while driving

New Wheat

Interstate 40, 1/8 at 70mph.

Mayflower AR, bottoms- flooded

As Spring gives way to Summer, the lighter greens of Sweetgum and varied Oaks will darken to match the deeper hues of the pine.


For the Earth is the Lord's,
and all the fullness therein.
(Somewhere in the Psalms)

All pictures (c) by Kirk Jordan, and taken in Central Arkansas between April 16-22, 2008

The hardest task for today's Mighty Work edition was editing down to a small selection. This has to be our greenest (and wettest) Spring ever, and I've been going plum crazy with virid delight.

There is something about light pouring through a chloroplast, that makes you feel like you are looking at life itself... or the plant equivalent of blood.
To be honest, it may be kind of stupid to post pictures of radiant green, because the experience on your monitor will never punch the eye with same kind of force.


This kind of verdant delight is not without cost. For some Arkansas's flooding see:

The Mighty Work Project exists to affirm, everyday is Earth-is-the-Lord's Day.