Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dear Friends of the Mighty Works Project - If you haven't seen much activity here, its because the spring has kept me hopping on my sister blog, ID Arkansas. But more than that, I'm planning a total revamp of the Mighty Works Project, to make it more like its inception (and with bigger pictures.) When I first started sending out the MW email (April 2003) I sent a photo a day to a small group of friends. Then I started adding more photos. Then I had less time. Then I started the blog. Then I had less time. Then I lost most of my email addresses so stopped sending out the email version.

Now I am going to start a new Mighty Works Project in a couple of weeks that will feature one large picture, and a Bible verse or quote per day. I tried making my pictures bigger on this site, but found it threw everything else out of whack, so I will start afresh with a modified blog address. More later.