Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Big Pink


The grass withers … the flower fades, but the Word of God endures forevermore. Isaiah 40:8

Those who have followed the Mighty Works Project will know these flowers. The Japanese Magnolia show up in the Project every year at this time. Last year's images featured the blooms covered in snow (March 6 and 9), while that year before that... newly open blooms dipped into freeze dried brown just hours after opening. This year the blooms opened early and were good for several days before temps in the twenties did them in. They are, as of today (March 6), still on the trees, looking like so many pink bananas gone bad. (or something like that.)

Photo Buff stuff: I tried something a little new this year.. Overexposed images (there was color in the sky) combined with extra contrast in Photoshop. The images as shot were pretty pale. I kept the pale in the high-lights but added a little dark in the blown out darks.
To see more images check out the new Facebook gallery and/or look at a 5 year Japanese Magnolia retrospective. And if your are not a fan of the page, I'd appreciate your support.

The Mighty Works Project encourages us to consider those things that last.