Sunday, May 11, 2008


Looks like Mold on gelatin, but its not.

It's a Lake, substantially above norm.


Receding flood-waters.

Oxbow marsh and woods formed by a decades (or centuries) earlier course in the river. An Oxbow is formed when the river cuts a shorter path in a looping curve, then leaves a big "C" shaped mini-lake.


Rice Terraces, groomed by tractor and ready for planting. (Arkansas is the number-one rice producing state in the Union)

Rice, Wheat, and water

Some kind of aquaculture. Not sure what.

All Pics, May 5, 2008 Arkansas, mostly the Delta. As part of my job for the State of Arkansas, I am sometimes taken to photograph storm damage.
These pictures are not of the damage (except perhaps, the left-over flooding.) I took these pictures while in transit to our destination sites.
For more on the landing see:

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  1. This is one of the coolest sites I've stumbled upon. Keep up your awesome work revealing the Lord and his power through his Creation.

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  2. Wow! These are almost cool enough to make me want to fly. Now I know what an oxbow really looks like. Thanks.