Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Full of Eyes: 10/10/07

"And before the throne
there was a sea of glass like unto crystal;
and in the midst of the throne,

and round about the throne,
were four beasts

full of eyes before and behind."
(the Apocalypse of St. John (Book of Revelation), Chapter 4:6)

(It may be an odd association, but I have often thought of water drops as being like a kind of eye.. .)

Convention of Cohesive Condensation Cavorting in a Continuum of Convex Cones -- or, visions of a mutant fly(or something like that) (c) by Kirk Jordan

All pics, sometime in September, 2007 Little Rock AR.

Today's Mighty Work features water condensation that just happens to be on a large glass "wall" of the Clinton Presidential Library, in Little Rock Arkansas. In fact, you can see the distant Little Rock skyline in the first frame, or inverted within each droplet. I am not sure if it could ever be recorded, but if I understand light and lens correctly, not only does each drop capture and invert the skyline light streaming its way, but it casts the same a kind of expanding, but less focused, cone. So... if we could hang a giant sheet of film behind window pain...and flip the sun on for just a second...we might record ten thousand photos all at once (or something like that).


The Mighty Works Project exists to invite you to add your "two" (eyes) to ours, in a chorus of multi-eyed praise.