Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Half Dome: 121907

Dome Zone and "Moment" poem (c) by Kirk Jordan

Today's Mighty Work features the back side of the Arkansas State Capitol, photographed chronologically from early November to mid December, with the Maples in the first frame giving way to the late falling Bradford Pear in the latter. With exception of the storm pic, each photo depicts the glow of the setting sun, as cast upon the western face.

As is, Christmas time is a special high use time for the Capitol, as thousands upon thousands of school children come and offer gifts of choral song. And while I have gotten a bit used to it, there are those moments (like the one referenced below ) in which the seasonal mill gives way to the truly awe inspiring.

Moment. 11/30/2001, 12:61PM


The planets stood in line
like a key in a lock
and the stars spelled out
fantastical words.

Today, for one brief moment,
no one bled, and the dailies
all fell silent as the bullets shimmied
backward up the barrels.

Today, on my lunch break
a choir of
local teenage angels from the Benton High-school choral
to a crowd of five,
lifting splendiferous voices like
some organic pipe-organ
into the dome,
and singing:

Oh, come let us adore Him.

Today there
was an extra minute
on the clock.

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